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March 25
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"Kuroko-kun, are you heading to practice?" You asked, following your classmate through Seirin's corridors.
"Yes I am, ____-san. Do you want to come with me?" He asked, slightly smiling, because he knew you were going to say no.

You blushed, thinking if you said yes, you could watch Kagami-kun all sweaty and with that hard expression on his face. On the other hand, Kuroko knew about your feelings, and you were sure he was going to do something to embarrass you in front of Kagami-kun.

"N... No, it's okay, Kuroko-kun. I hope you do well, today!" You said, bowing and starting to leave.
  "Kagami-kun isn't there today, you should come and have some fun with us."
You blushed a little bit on how easy it was for Kuroko-kun to know why you didn't want to go. But... if he wasn't there, it wouldn't be that funny, would it?

You nodded and followed your classmate to the gym.
Kuroko turned out to be a really good friend of yours since he'd been chose by Japanese's teacher to help you on the subject. You made a some kind of friendship with him and he soon found out you were growing feelings for Seirin's Ace, Kagami-kun.

"Maybe you will even want to play a little bit with us." Kuroko said with a mysterious smirk and you frowned while you stepped inside the gym.
The first person you saw was Kagami-kun.

You sent another grumpy gaze to Kuroko and he wave, like he didn't do anything. Your gaze turned to Kagami-kun and you held your breath. He was looking at you. Your eyes locked at your tennis and you didn't looked at him again until the practice was over.

Kuroko was pushing Kagami in your direction and you blushed, thinking that maybe Kuroko-kun told him and now he didn't even wanted to talk to you.
"_____-san, I want you to meet our ace, this is Kagami-kun."

Although Kagami-kun was trying to look like he cared less, he was a little blushed and trying not to look directly in your eyes. How cute was he?
"I'm _____ _____. Nice to meet you, Kagami-kun." You said, bowing and wished that Kuroko fell on a stone and hurt his knee.

And he did worse than putting you in that position. He left you alone with Kagami-kun. You almost yelled at him, but that would be embarrassed in front of Kagami.
"So... uh... I noticed you're always with Kuroko. What's up with you two?" Kagami asked, lazily scratching the back of his hair.

"Uh? Nothing's up. Kuroko is my friend and classmate." You frowned, since all the team were in a group, looking at the both of you.
"Bakagami!" Riko yelled, with Hyuga-senpai and Kyoshi-senpai holding her arms. "Just don't say stupid stuff to her! Tell her already!"

"Tch..." Kagami blushed slightly and looked at you. "Oi... you're pretty."
Your eyes widened at him and your mouth opened in surprise, not really knowing how to react to that. Kagami-kun was... telling you... you were pretty...
"Baka!" Koga mocked. "That's not enough!"

Kagami pinched his nose in order to calm down at his friends.
"Can all of you just shut up?! I'm trying!"
You were muted. You didn't know what to say, since you still didn't believe he called you pretty.

"I... I need to tell you something." He start, with all of his team mates getting closer to hear us. "I told Kuroko to bring you here so I could tell you... I want to date you. Then, I said it!" He yelled then, while the others clapped with emotion.

You covered your mouth and looked at the floor.
"Is this a joke?!" You whispered, only for him to hear. You couldn't even look at Kuroko! If that was a joke, you would not talk to him anymore as well!

Kagami frowned.
"I don't have time to joke around. I feel my heart racing when I see you, and I like you. But you never came to see our practice, so I asked Kuroko to lie." He looked so adorkable declaring while he looked upset. "Answer me, already!"

You took a step back while Riko punched him in the head for being so nervous at you and Kuroko said:
"Midorima-kun is the tsundere, Kagami-kun. You can't take his place. Don't even try. Just behave."

"AISH." Kagami yelled, grabbing your arm and pushing you to the corridor, closing the door behind him.
He then looked at you with an almost desperate look.
"Answer me, already." He whispered.

You blushed and felt your heart way lighter.
"I... I can't say no, even being shy around you. I never came to the practice because I was afraid that Kuroko-kun would tell you my feelings."

He smiled and pulled you to a hug. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you smiled, feeling relaxed.
"Good thing he told me everything in time."
Damn it, Kuroko! You looked at him.
"If you knew, why did you asked?"

"I needed to hear you say you're feeling the same way."
A little thing I made with some Kagachin cuteness! Bunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3] This baka needs to chill out! Maybe a hug from reader-chan would calm him down~Neko Emoji-15 (Blush) [V1] 

I do not own Kuroko No Basuke.
I do not own any of the characters. 
I do not own you.
I do not own the image preview.
I own the plot, only.
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